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Let your soul wander

Treat yourself – You deserve it

With our large selection of massages and baths, you will always find the right thing for you. And if you’re looking for something more, you’ve come to the right place with our wellness offers and Relax & Fit days.

Massages & Baths

Our wellness area

Our wellness area was completely renovated and modernized for you in 2018.

Due to Covid-19 the wellness area is only available for a limited time.
You can use all available offers of the wellness area, but you have to register at the reception and a time slot will be assigned to you.
Furthermore the wellness area is only available for our hotel guests.

Our outdoor sauna

Completely new for you: our outdoor sauna. Enjoy the peace and quiet after a relaxing sauna session.

Physiotherm – The body strengthens itself

Escape the stress of everyday life

Leave your efforts relaxed by the mild deep heat of the Physiotherm infrared cabin. With the additional music and light baths you recharge your batteries and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Physiotherm’s specially developed low-temperature infrared technology with patented lava sand technology not only stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, but also strengthens the entire immune system, detoxifies, purifies and promotes the body’s own cell renewal. What is special about it: Physiotherm Infratrotkabinen effect a pleasant and healthy sweating already at 35 degrees Celsius and can also work small miracles with pain and tensions.

Convince yourself and use the Physiotherm infrared cabin right here in our house.

Physiotherm Infrarot Kabine