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Disclaimer of liability
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Disclaimer of liability

The website is operated by Hotel Restaurant Ennen; Hotel Restaurant Ennen is entitled to all rights to the website. The Hotel Restaurant Ennen übernimmt accepts no liability whatsoever for any indirect, consequential, indirect, consequential or special damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this website. Sämtliche über The website veröffentlichten Information is provided by Hotel Restaurant Ennen to the best of its knowledge. All this information begründen however as far as legally zulässig, neither a guarantee, promise or adhesion on the part of the hotel restaurant Ennen.
Hotel Restaurant Ennen may, in its sole discretion and without liability to Übernahme, discontinue this website at any time without Ankündigung in whole or in part verändern and its operation. By setting a link to external websites (“hyperlinks”), Hotel Restaurant Ennen does not adopt this website or its content as its own. Furthermore, Hotel Restaurant Ennen is not responsible für for the Verfügbarkeit of these websites or their contents.


Email Security

The customer agrees with electronic communication, as soon as he himself the electronic contact to the hotel restaurant Ennen eröffnet.
The customer is advised that e-mails on the Übertragungsweg are read along without authorization and unnoticed or verändert können. Hotel restaurant Ennen does not currently use encryption technology.
Hotel restaurant Ennen uses software to filter unerwünschten e-mails (spam filter). The spam filter können rejects emails that have been identified as spam by certain features.


Note: General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

From reasons for easier readability, gender-specific differentiation is dispensed with. Corresponding terms apply in the sense of equal treatment für both genders.